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CE Workshop | Caring for your Voice as a Yoga Teacher

Marta Barnard

This workshop will help you gain a deeper awareness of and appreciation for your voice as a yoga teacher. When cueing, do you unconsciously clear your throat? Do you say “um” frequently? Does your sound come from your heart, diaphragm, core, or somewhere else? As you increase your awareness you will come closer to hearing your pure voice and how it changes on and off the mat. Learn to love your voice and how to care for it by:

· Exploring your unique vocal intonation and rhythm
· Practicing physical warm ups and sounding in asana to find your prosody
· Tapping and humming to open and heal our throat chakra

CE Workshop | Sthira Sukham Asanam: Steadiness and Ease

Deepali Saxena

Patanjali's influential Yoga Sutras have long served as a guide for living a yogic life. In this workshop, we explore the concepts of Sthira and Sukha (Yoga Sutras 2.46 to 2.48), which promote steadiness and ease. You will learn:

· The definition and role of Asana
· How to attain Sthiram and Sukham
· Benefits of Asana and how to rise about the dualities