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Yoga Alliance hosts an ongoing series of digital events, including Community Sanghas, Continuing Education (CE) Workshops, and Panel Discussions on timely topics and global events. CE Workshops focus on topics that align with the Yoga Alliance Educational Categories. Guests include a wide variety of field experts from the yoga community, providing participants with robust education and conversation in their professional and personal lives.

By coming together, we can promote and foster the high-quality, safe, accessible, and equitable teaching of yoga for all.

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CE Workshop | Scientific Research on Yoga and Meditation: The Relaxation Response

Indu Arora and Dr. John Denninger

70-90% of all primary care visits in America are related to chronic stress and stress-related illnesses such as anxiety, depression, PTS, heart disease, headaches, GI disruptions, and more.  In the next workshop of the Scientific Research series, Yoga Alliance Director of Research, Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa is joined by Dr. John Denninger, Director of Research at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University and Indu Arora, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist, for a conversation on how yoga, meditation, and the Relaxation Response might be able to counteract the toxic effects of chronic stress.

During this workshop you’ll learn:

· Research related to yogic meditation and its effects on the body and mind
· Research on single-point focused meditation and the Relaxation Response
· How to use this research in your teachings with an experiential meditation practice followed by tips on how to effectively teach meditation to elicit the Relaxation Response

CE Workshop | La méditation de Pleine Conscience dans l’enseignement du Yoga

Dominique Fugère

Dans cet atelier, Dominique Fugère partagera des façons d’inclure la pleine conscience dans la pratique et l’enseignement du yoga. Explorez le rôle de la méditation dans la pratique du yoga et le rôle de l’asana dans la méditation, notamment :

· Un regard sur la définition de la pleine conscience et sa place dans l’enseignement du yoga
· Comment une pratique de méditation peut enrichir l’enseignement du yoga ainsi que la vie des étudiants
· Pratiques d’exploration simples

CE Workshop | Rock Your Reels

Sadie Nardini (they/them/she/her)

With over 1 billion active users each month, Instagram is an essential part of social media marketing, and over the last few years, Reels have taken center stage as the tool to bring your brand to life. Learn how to create engaging video content and grow your client base—and have fun doing it! In this workshop, wellness creator Sadie Nardini will discuss:

· How to use Instagram Reels to quickly build clientele
· What content you should (and shouldn't!) focus on for the best results
· A step-by-step guide to creating Reels